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NSF Certification - Why is this important?


Since 1944, NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization, has been committed to making the world a safer place for consumers. Explore our consumer website to learn more about NSF, our programs and services, and the many ways we help consumers Live saferŪ every day

Credibility is what NSF Certification is all about.

NSF uses the terms "certified" or "listed" in connection with a product, good, component, system, material, compound or ingredient ("Product"). A Product that is certified or listed means that NSF: (1) reviewed the Product, most often through a sampling of the Product; (2) determined at the time of the review that the Product complies with the relevant NSF consensus standard and/or protocol ("Standard"); and (3) conducted or will conduct (as more specifically set forth in the Standard) periodic audits to review whether the Product continues to comply with the Standard. After NSF certifies or lists the Product, NSF authorizes the manufacturer of the Product to use the NSF Mark on or in connection with the sale, use or distribution of that Product. The NSF Mark conveys that an independent, third-party organization (NSF) has determined that the Product complies with the relevant Standard.


The NSF Mark can be found on millions of consumer, commercial, and industrial products today. Products evaluated and certified by NSF International include bottled water, food equipment, home water treatment products, home appliances, plumbing and faucets, and even pool and spa components.

The next time you are shopping for a food or water-related product that may potentially affect the health of you or your family, look to see if the NSF Mark is on the product. This Mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification companies in existence today, NSF International.

No other independent testing programs require companies to comply with the strict standards imposed by NSF and its product certification programs. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, NSF is the only third-party testing organization to undertake a complete evaluation of every aspect of a product's development before it can earn our certification.

Most importantly for you, NSF Certification is not a one-time activity. We do not just test a single model of a product and give it our okay. Our certification programs require regular on-site inspections of the manufacturing facilities. In addition, certified products are periodically re-tested against the requirements of the most current version of the applicable national standard. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more of our certification criteria, we will take whatever enforcement actions we deem necessary to protect the public, including product recall, public notification, or de-certification.

Please note that NSF does not rate or compare the products we certify. We understand that each consumer has unique needs, so we developed our programs to verify that each product we certify meets the requirements of the applicable national standard. In addition, if a performance claim is being made for a product, such as a water treatment device, we ensure that the product actually is able to meet that claim.

Water is an essential part of life. Let's not make the mistake of taking clean, usable water for granted. Today's environment calls us to create a healthy lifestyle. Let Healthy Home Mall help. Offering home testing kits for your water, surfaces and more. You need to know what is in your drinking water. For water on the go, Purity Sports Bottles filter out Chlorine, Lead and more. Great tasting water on the go!

No Salt Water Softeners. This incredible technology is not only great for your home but also for the environment. No salt or chemicals needed, ever! A large variety of systems for any size household. Save money, save your appliances and save the environment. Many states now mandate these systems. Is your state next? 

Tankless hot water heaters are becoming more and more in demand. No wasted hot water. No wasted energy. Hot water on demand. Imagine having a hot water heater that you can put under a cabinet or in a closet and still have plenty of room and hot water too! Terrific for apartments and small spaces but also great for larger homes. Point of use or whole house units available. Choose electric, gas or propane. Save money on fuel bills, save energy, save time and be comfortable. Healthy Home Mall has what it takes to keep you comfortable.

Some areas have weather that includes high humidity. You know, that hot, sticky feeling. It encourages discomfort, musty odors and mold growth. Healthy Home Mall is proud to feature compact dehumidifiers for use anywhere in your home. Damp basements, attics, bedrooms, hallways. Anywhere humidity is a problem. Lots of features to make the units easy to use including full bucket indicators and alarm, 2 speed fan and electronic controls. Take a look today.


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