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Average flow rates for home water systems

Number of 

Number of bathrooms in home

1 1-1/2 2 3

flow rate (gallons per minute)

2 6 8 10  
3 8 10 12  
4 10 12 14 16
5   13 15 17
6     16 18

 Buying a purifier bigger than necessary, is better than one too small.  


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Q: How much water does the average person use at home per day?

A: Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. Are you surprised that the largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, and after that, to take showers and baths? That is why, in these days of water conservation, we are starting to see toilets and showers that use less water than before. Many local governments now have laws that specify that water faucets, toilets, and showers only allow a certain amount of water flow per minute. In fact, if you look real close at the head of a faucet, you might see something like "1.5 gpm,", which means that the faucet head will allow water to flow at a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute.



What Were the Withdrawals in 2000?
A report by the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS), "Estimated use of water in the United States in 2000" (USGS Circular 1268), shows that about 408 billion gallons of water per day were withdrawn for use in the United States during 2000. Withdrawals in 1990 averaged nearly 1,620 gallons per day per person; in 2000, the per capita average had declined to about 1,430 gallons per day. During the same decade, the United States experienced a population increase of about 33 million. Total withdrawals increased steadily from 1950 to 1980 but have varied less than 3 percent since 1985. 

Seventy-nine percent of the 2000 withdrawals were from surface water, and the remainder was from ground water. About 85 percent of total withdrawals were freshwater because it is required for many uses. The saline withdrawals were nearly all from surface water. California, Texas, and Florida withdrew the most water; together they accounted for one-fourth of all water withdrawals in 2000.

Water is an essential part of life. Let's not make the mistake of taking clean, usable water for granted. Today's environment calls us to create a healthy lifestyle. Let Healthy Home Mall help. Offering home testing kits for your water, surfaces and more. You need to know what is in your drinking water. For water on the go, Purity Sports Bottles filter out Chlorine, Lead and more. Great tasting water on the go!

No Salt Water Softeners. This incredible technology is not only great for your home but also for the environment. No salt or chemicals needed, ever! A large variety of systems for any size household. Save money, save your appliances and save the environment. Many states now mandate these systems. Is your state next? 

Tankless hot water heaters are becoming more and more in demand. No wasted hot water. No wasted energy. Hot water on demand. Imagine having a hot water heater that you can put under a cabinet or in a closet and still have plenty of room and hot water too! Terrific for apartments and small spaces but also great for larger homes. Point of use or whole house units available. Choose electric, gas or propane. Save money on fuel bills, save energy, save time and be comfortable. Healthy Home Mall has what it takes to keep you comfortable.

Some areas have weather that includes high humidity. You know, that hot, sticky feeling. It encourages discomfort, musty odors and mold growth. Healthy Home Mall is proud to feature compact dehumidifiers for use anywhere in your home. Damp basements, attics, bedrooms, hallways. Anywhere humidity is a problem. Lots of features to make the units easy to use including full bucket indicators and alarm, 2 speed fan and electronic controls. Take a look today.


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